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Patience is a virtue, one which God did not see fit to entrust to me, and so when I see a book I want, I hate waiting. With this in mind, I have provided several excerpts to hold you over, while you wait. As an added bonus, some of the excerpts are in their unedited version. Order a copy of my book from this site or from NCEA and then ENJOY reading the excerpts!


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Excerpt from Chapter Eight:

Unraveling the Mystery of Modification/Accommodation

Many general education teachers in the public and non-public schools, who have no special education training, are expected to implement accommodations and modifications for students with special needs in the regular education classroom.

Many parents are hearing these terms for the first time. We will answer three questions which will aid the teachers and parents struggling with understanding accommodations and modifications:

1.     What is a modification?

2.     What is an accommodation?

3.     What is the difference?

What is a modification?

Modifications place emphasis on the material by changing “what” the student is required to learn or produce.

You are modifying if you alter:

1. The instructional level

2. The content

3. The performance criteria

The focus is on “what” material needs to change.

A change in the final product the student submits

The elimination of items of an increasing level of difficulty

The education of the student using material on that student’s level

Memory Tip:

Remember that Modification begins with the letter “M” and Material begins with the letter “M” and if you turn the letter “M” upside down, you have the letter “W” which stands for What.


What is an accommodation?

Accommodations are strategies a teacher uses to show a student “how” to access the material to be learned.

The focus is on “how” the student will succeed.

- The student will sit in the front of the room

- The student will take the test orally

- The student will use manipulatives


Now, let’s look at the difference between modification and accommodation and let’s learn “The Magic Modification Question.” This is the secret to accommodating and modifying for ALL learns First, you…




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