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Coming Soon to a School Near You…


Hurry! Dr. Wedemeyer is coming!

Are you interested in having Dr. Wedemeyer come to your school or diocese? Please click on “the public speaker” picture and review the links on the right hand side of the page to learn more…

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Martin Luther King  – Diocese of Trenton (all schools k-12, in one couty)

February 27, 2013  Diocese of Trenton (Local Hgh School)

Returning to Red Clay Catholic High School to present one session for the parents and one session for the teachers

I think I’m coming back to TEXAS !!!!

Talkng with Kentucky…

and Michigan…

and Florida….

Numerous dates on hold, numerous dates still available….



Diocese of Toledo, Ohio (one thousand teachers)

Dicoses of Lake Charles, Lousiana (all principals in the diocese)

Diocses of Chapel Nill, North Carolina

Diocese of Covington, Kentucky

Diocese of Trenton, New Jersey (all principals in the diocese)

St. Virgil Academy

St. Jerome School

Sr. Georgine School

Red Clay Catholic High School

Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Archbishop Prendergast and Monsignor Bonner Catholic High School

Holy Family Regional Catholic School



August 2, 2011 Toledo, Ohio

August 8, 2011  Atlanta, Georgia

August 24, 2011 Reading, Pennsylvania

September 1, 2011 Bellevue, Washington State

November, 2011, Brownsville, Texas

November, 2011, Covington, Kentucky

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