Professional Development Dr. Wedemeyer

Professional Development

Just a sample of the professional development options available from Dr. Wedemeyer, please inquire if you have professional development needs not addressed by one of the topics below

Professional Development Option One

No Know Special Education in This School! Five Keys to Help Teacher, Parents and Administrators Reach, Teach and Raise Students with Learning or Behavior Challenges

Dr. Wedemeyer was a child with a special need in a Catholic school back when no one knew what special education meant and almost no one knew what to do about it. Today Dr. Wedemeyer is a professor of special education at St. Joseph’s University and the former Assistant Superintendent for Special Education for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. She was responsible for children with special needs in 200 elementary schools, 20 high schools, 5 schools of special education and many programs for students with learning disabilities in grades k-12.

Dr. Wedemeyer uses the five keys she has created over the past twenty years, to open minds and open hearts to the needs of all students. Dr. Wedemeyer has stood where our Catholic administrators now stand, she has taught as our Catholic teachers now teach, and she has sat in the desk where the child with a special need in a Catholic school now sits. Her style is open and energetic and encouraging and her strategies are precise and practical.

Professional Development Option Two

I Must Have Left My MBA in the Faculty Room (Awakening the Business “Principals” Within)

As a person with a doctorate in education and an MBA, Dr. Wedemeyer delivers a humorous and practical way to look at the relationship between business principles and school principals.

She combines good business practices with educational philosophy and pedagogy with the goal of:

1) Improving customer service

2) Increasing enrollment and retention

3) Generating revenue

Professional Development Option Three

The “4” Rs – Rigor, Relevance, Relationships and Respect for all God’s Children

One day, while Dr. Wedemeyer was Assistant Superintendent for Special Education for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, her rosary fell behind the bookcase in her office. When she reached behind the bookcase she found an old and yellowed pamphlet from 1978. The pamphlet contained the following Statement of the US Catholic Bishops on Handicapped People:

Children with disabilities are not looking for pity. They seek to serve the community and to enjoy their full baptismal rights as members of the Church. Our interaction with them can and should be an affirmation of our faith. There can be no separate Church for children with disabilities. We are one Church.  We follow a single shepherd.                        We are ONE FLOCK .

Be inspired as you hear how Dr. Wedemeyer uses the phrase One Flock:

1) to create awareness of children with special needs in Catholic schools

2) to educate those resistant to the belief that “these students” are members of the flock and belong in Catholic school,

3) to reassure teachers that tools and resources are available to help them in their classroom                                                                                                                                                            4) to convince educational leaders that they can feel good about keeping “these” students in their school and learn of the group of children the holy spirit inspired Dr. Wedmeyer to choose to spread this message… the One Flock Choir.

Professional Development Option Four

The “5” Rs – Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, Respect for all God’s Children and Response to Intervention

RTI (Response to Intervention)

Dr. Wedemeyer uses her unique style to explain RTI (as only a woman can…)

- Did you know that RTI has been around since the 1970s?

- Did you know that when IDEA was reauthorized in 2004, it mentioned RTI as an alternative to the discrepancy model? (Do you know what any of that means?)

- Do you know that RTI is more than just a pyramid and it really can help countless children if understood, and implemented correctly?

- Did you know that as a Professor of Special Education, Dr. Wedemeyer teaches RTI at the graduate level?

Dr. Wedemeyer uses her unique style to explain RTI so that it is implemented effectively, monitored with fidelity and really works for those students who need a little extra and those students who seem just beyond your grasp. The students you toss and turn over at night, the ones you think about while you’re driving, the ones you fear will haunt you, those children can be helped through this process. Please, let me help… I was a child like that.