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On a personal note…




I have been truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. When it came time to finally put words to paper, I couldn’t leave them out, in fact, they all became fair game.


Mom, Mounds Bars, Motivation and Band Stand

When the entire class was to compete in a spelling bee, Sister said to my Mom: “Marie, why don’t you go first because you’ll be out on your first word and can go sit over there.”  Another Sister had concluded that she didn’t have the resources to teach my Mom and so had created a plan for nurturing my mom’s creativity in order for her to pass 4th grade. If my Mom brought a Mounds Bar to class every day and placed it on the doily in front of the Blessed Mother Statue, she would pass the 4th grade. As part of the plan, Mom was also required to bring a plant to class once a week and place it on the windowsill.


Having no money for the plant, my mother told her story to a man who worked at a Greenhouse on Lindburg Blvd., in Philadelphia. After school, everyone in my Mom’s class would go to Fagan’s Candy Store to buy penny candy. My Mom loved the candy dots on paper and Mary Janes but she needed to spend her candy money on the plant. Mom needed to get creative and persuasive, two qualities which have served her well throughout her life, qualities this Sister knew my Mom possessed far before my Mom knew it herself. My Mom pitched her story to a gentleman who worked at the neighborhood plant and flower stand.


After hearing her story, the man agreed to my Mom’s idea that every week he would give my Mom a plant that was dying in exchange for two Mary Janes. Mom would nurse the plant back to life. She would put a ribbon on it, place it on the windowsill and she would pass the 4th grade. As you can see, there is nothing “not” about my Mom. Mom also used her creativity and powers of persuasion to become a regular on Band Stand but that is another story….

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My Family: My Cousin Kim and the Phone that is Going to Ring

My Family: The My Brother Charles Test

My Family: The Argument is Never Really about the Potato Salad



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