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New email address: knowspecialeducation@verizon.net

Bring Dr. Wedemeyer to you…

I have a new email address: knowspecialeducation@verizon.net

It is my pleasure to travel the country and speak to Catholic Principals and teachers about the tools they can use to meet the needs of the diverse learner.

My fee is what you afford. Like the baseball movie, if you invite me,I will come. Just send me an email… knowspecialeducation@verizon.net

1/2 day—full-day —- key note—-on-going—-

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Several on-going professional development options are available:

No Know Sage on the Stage- is a program in which I work with a select group of teachers within your school or diocese. These teachers gain the knowledge and skills necessary to train other teachers in how to work with students with diverse needs in  Catholic schools. We marry the culture of Catholic education with the principles of inclusion and learn thestrategies which are both possible and effective.

No Know Guide on the Side – provides Principals with the knowledge and information necessary to monitor and shape teacher instruction for those who learn and/or behave differently. I work with Principals as they learn what to look for from the teacher, what really works for the diverse learner and how to talk with parents. Each Principal becomes comfortable discussing diverse needs, the students who have them, and the instruction that is both possible within Catholic education and appropriate.

There’s No Know Place Like Home I facilitate a series of discussions designed
to support the parents of a diverse learner in a Catholic school

Dr. Wedemeyer’s first book NO Know Special Education in this School! is one of the fastest selling book in in NCEA’s history.

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“It became clear in the third grade that I was a student with a special need in a Catholic school. There was testing and then talk of sending me to public school. While I was supposed to be sleeping, I was really sitting at the top of the stairs listening to my parents’ conversation. I heard my mother say, “If what they are saying is true and she is somehow different, now is not the time to separate her from Jesus.” That sentence would decide the course of my life, as I credit Catholic education with everything that I have been able to accomplish in my life.

My parents’ decision for me to remain in Catholic school would have been incomplete had it not been for the teacher who was waiting for me when I reached the 4th grade. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Egan, was the first teacher who seemed to understand how to teach me. Although I would always be different, for the first time, I didn’t feel different. She gave me confidence. She changed my life and every time I reach out to a Catholic teacher, student, or administrator in need, I do so in grateful dedication to the Catholic school teacher who reached out to a little girl in the 4th grade, who wasn’t like everyone else, but who was a child of God, none the less.


Educational Models, Theories and Strategies

Created by Dr. Ellen M.E. Wedemeyer

As a student with a special need who attended Catholic schools, Dr. Ellen M.E. Wedemeyer is now the creator of several educational models, theories and strategies which are designed to benefit professionals in Catholic schools who work with students with special needs. These models, theories and strategies include:

Ask Me a Question Technique ©

Building a Behavior Bridge Management Model ©

The Modification Method,

Including Modification Motion and Magic Modification Question ©

The Bullying Triangle ©

ADHD Sports Metaphors©

Wizard of Oz Relationship Approach©

Cupcake Theory ©

Gifts and Crosses ©

Wedding Dress Rule ©

Inside the Spin, Inside the Fire ©

The My Brother Charles Test ©

The Dyslexia Directional Diagram ©

Goldilocks and the Three Bears look at

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