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Frequently Asked Questions for Scheduling an Event with  Dr. Ellen M.E. Wedemeyer

It is my pleasure to travel the country and speak to Catholic Principals and teachers about the tools they can use to meet the needs of the diverse learner.

My fee is what you afford. Like the baseball movie, if you invite me,I will come. Just send me an email… knowspecialeducation@gmail.com

1/2 day—full-day —- key note—-on-going===

Several on-going professional development options are available:

No Know Sage on the Stage- is a program in which I work with a select group of teachers within your school or diocese. These teachers gain the knowledge and skills necessary to train other teachers in how to work with students with diverse needs in  Catholic schools. We marry the culture of Catholic education with the principles of inclusion and learn thestrategies which are both possible and effective.

No Know Guide on the Side – provides Principals with the knowledge and information necessary to monitor and shape teacher instruction for those who learn and/or behave differently. I work with Principals as they learn what to look for from the teacher, what really works for the diverse learner and how to talk with parents. Each Principal becomes comfortable discussing diverse needs, the students who have them, and the instruction that is both possible within Catholic education and appropriate.

There’s Know Place Like Home I facilitate a series of discussions designed
to support the parents of a diverse learner in a Catholic school

Q: How much do you charge?

A: It depends.

Rates for Catholic schools are completely negotiable. It is like the baseball movie, “If you invite me, I will come.”

While some Catholic schools have professional development funds available through Title I, Title II, IDEA, and stimulus money through federal and state programs, other Catholic schools do not have a budget for professional development.  It is my pleasure to be in your company.

I ask that you cover my travel expenses and I will accept as a presenter’s fee, whatever you can reasonably afford.

Rates for public school districts:

As of January, 2013, the charge is $5,500 and up, plus expenses for keynote and half-day programs that finish before 1:00 p.m. — $8,550 and up, plus expenses for full-day programs. (Please note that programs scheduled late in the day, preventing Dr. Wedemeyer’s departure that evening to the next destination, will be billed at a full-day’s fee.)

Q: What if we can’t afford your fees?

A: There are at least three things you can do to ease the cost.

1.    You may want to share the event with other schools in your area.

2.    You may want to share the cost with another organization in your community.

3.    You may want to use more of Dr. Wedemeyer’s time, instead of hiring several speakers for the same day.

If you prefer, an all-inclusive fee can be provided.  If you want to book several days of programs, I can give you a more favorable rate. Just ask.

Email me at knowspecialeducation@gamil.com and we can discuss details and specifics of each of these strategies. I would like to be able to work with you regardless of your “initial” budget and I have always been able to come up with a creative solution to fund an event at a Catholic school.

Q: What else could we do to lower the cost?

A: A sponsor for staff development opportunities

There are publishers, vendors, and other organizations that welcome the opportunity to sponsor programs. In return, they get their name on all materials I present, and they form a stronger relationship with you.

Q: How long is your “typical” program?

A: Most of my presentations fall into one of three categories: keynote addresses, half-day seminars, and full-day seminars. I also have more in-depth professional development programs.

A keynote may be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes in length. A half-day program would last up to 3 hours, and a full-day program would give up to 7 hours of contact time.

If you want me to do more than one presentation on the same day, that’s fine. Perhaps you’d like me to give a keynote address and then offer one or more breakout sessions. Or maybe you’d like me to address several groups throughout the day. That’s fine. You’re the customer, and I’ll find a way to make it work for you.

Q: How do I find out if you will address a particular topic?

A: Just ask. You may have a special need or a special situation you want discussed and you may not know if I am the right person to address your situation. All you have to do is give me a call and ask. I can be reached at knowspecialeducation@gmail.com or 610 583-9333.

I will provide you with a clear answer. I respect that you are extremely busy, as am I. My calendar always fills quickly, so if I am not the right person to work with you and your organization, I will tell you so.

I only accept speaking engagements where I know you’ll be extremely pleased with the outcome.

Q: Will you customize a program for our organization?

A: Of course. Even though I have delivered hundreds of programs, I have never given the same program twice. I always customize a program based on your needs. You won’t get the one-size-fits-all type of program from me. There is no cookie cutter. You’re no cookie!

Q: How do we make sure we get the most from your program?

A: I will help you to reinforce it. I want to make sure your people will utilize the material discussed, long after the program is over.

Fortunately, I have learned what not to do by watching other speakers. With many speakers, trainers, and consultants, when they finish their programs, they are “outta there” and you won’t see them again. That’s not how I operate. In reality, after the program, the real work is just beginning. The program has to be reinforced in some way if you want the skills and concepts to stick. So I provide you with two things to use to reinforce concepts.

I provide follow-up access to me for additional professional development resources.

I will make additional resources available to you and your faculty either individually or to the whole group.

Q: What is your “style” of speaking?

A: High energy, high content, and high involvement. I am a proud product of Catholic education and any day spent speaking with those in Catholic education is a day of joy for me. It is a calling not a position. I always want the audience to feel, know, and do something differently when they leave my program.

I am not just a “motivational speaker.” We know that people need more than motivation. They also need some specific skills that they can take back to their students and their classrooms and their lives. Educators come to professional development opportunities wanting a strategy or skills they can use immediately. Through my programs, I provide practical content.

Q: What size group do you work with?

A: Any size. I have been equally effective in small senior administrator groups and large audiences of teachers. I have worked with a small Catholic secondary faculty of 15, a Catholic learning community of over 1,000 teachers, an administrative team of 200 principals, a group of 10 psychologists and a school advisory board of 9 members.

Q: What level of people do you work with?

A: All levels from the front-line to senior administrators. I have worked with groups of superintendents, teaching assistants, psychologists, directors of guidance, pastors, board members and everyone in between. My programs are designed with your exact audience in mind. I build the program after I talk with you and I focus the discussion on professionals who will be in your audience and the challenges they face. I want to meet your particular needs.

Q: What if we don’t like your program titles?

A: I’ll change them. I am eager to find a title or create a title that makes sense to you and your organization. It all goes back to my commitment to customizing content and making a difference for you.

Q: Are you more of a “special event” speaker or do you offer ongoing, long-term professional development programs as well?

A: I do both. About half the time, an administrator brings me in to deliver a program for a select group of professionals or a school hires me to speak at a meeting they’re having.

The other half of the time, I am asked to conduct long-term professional development programs. I may be asked to deliver the same topic to different groups throughout the organization. Obviously, I see that as a good idea. The more people who hear the same message, the greater the results will be.

Q: Who are you?

A: I am a nationally published author. My book No Special Education in This School! Five Keys to Help Teachers, Parents, and Administrators Reach, Teach and Raise Students with Learning or Behavior Challenges is selling like hotcakes! I am a Professor of Special Education at St. Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia. I am a former Assistant Superintendent for Special Education with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where I supported the administrators, teachers, students and families in 182 elementary schools, 20 high schools, 5 schools of special education, and many programs for student with special learning needs. I am a Board Certified Music Therapist and the founder and conductor of the One Flock Choir, a choir of children with special needs.

As a professional with a doctorate in education and an MBA, I co- chaired an advisory committee with the Senior Vice President of Sovereign Bank. Our committee was charged with strategic planning and locating new avenues of funding for tuition assistance and donations. I was called to testify before the Republican House Congressional Committee on Special Education Funding and Child Find.

In addition to being state certified as a Supervisor of Special Education, I am state certified as an Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal, and Supervisor of Curriculum. As a former Middle School and High School Principal, I have first-hand experience with RTI, Universal Design for Learning, Rigor and Relevance, Assessment, and Leadership.

After three years of writing a monthly column for the national newsletter of NCEA focusing on providing help to the Catholic school teacher and Catholic school administrator who are encountering students with special needs, I started my own newsletter, One Flock Matters, the first newsletter for Catholic educators k-12 who are meeting the need of the diverse learner. I am a former member of the NCEA Executive Committee in Washington. D.C., I was proud to represent all the Catholic schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. My complete Bio, including background and credentials, is available upon request.

Q: Where do we go from here?

A: We make a decision. Do you think I would be a good fit for you? Does my experience and expertise fit with your needs and your audience?

If it seems to make sense, we should talk. Just send an email to knowspecialeducation@gmail.com or call me directly.

I hope to hear from you soon!