What Catholics Across the Country are Saying

What Catholics Across the Country are Saying after Hearing

Dr. Wedemeyer

I traveled two hours this morning to hear her speak for 45 minutes

and in that 45 minutes I learned more than from any other

speaker in 30 years. People told me she was worth it. She is!

Jack, High School Teacher, Ohio


Ellen – I have heard you speak in California and New
Orleans. Now having you hear at my school is a blessing. I dawned on me today
that listening to you is like watching a favorite movie once again. Each time,
there is a new thought, a new twist, an insight a gem to pick up. Thank you for
sharing your wisdom and experience with us. You have inspired us to continue to
battle – and to know that we are not alone. We CAN do this! We’ll stay in
touch, B safe and know that you will be in our prayers, always.
Dan, Principal, Washington State


Ellen – I have heard you speak four times and am simply your
number one fan! In the note to the reader in your book, you wish that your book
is so helpful that it becomes “tattered.” Mine is dog eared, highlighted,
underlined, post –it filled and margin filled. You have made me a better educator,
I am forever grateful!

Lisette, Superintendent, Texas



Congratulations ,Ellen! The book is fantastic.

I can’t put it down.

I am so proud of all that you are doing—what a great way

to help teachers and students and parents and

administrators!! It will be a required read for all—

especially my team as we work preparing for

Instructional Support team meetings.

Stay the course and enjoy the travel…

there is a message for all to hear…

spoken so well from the heart!

God bless…

and I will wear my key pin proudly!

Sincerely, Mrs. Egan



I really appreciate your seminar. As a CCD teacher and lay
person I thought I didn’t need to stay but thought you topic might help me.
WOW! You were only half may through your presentation I was completely blown
away. Everyone should hear what you have to say – even parents. I now fully
realize that “regular” students have different learning styles. You have given
me a truly different perspective of learning disabled students. It will
definitely change the way I teach and my perspective. I will never be able to
thank you.


Ellen- you are making such a difference in the world!
Sharing your knowledge and wisdom of how student learn best can be carried
forward by all who listen and learn from you. You need to speak to all
Catholics on a national and international level. You are the answer we have
been looking for. God bless you in your ministry.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and with all of
us. Your willingness to open your heart and life to us, allowing us to peek
inside, through your personal experiences and moving stories is truly a
priceless gift. Thank you for your generosity, I promise to treasure the gift
you so engagingly and passionately and expertly gave to me.
Thank you for sharing your story with us. The words of the
famous, Mrs. Egan, will always stick with me “You learn differently that anyone
I have ever met but you and I, we are going to figure this out together.” I
hope to one day to be the Catholic teacher my student writes about in her book.

Heather, Savannah, Georgia


I so appreciated the concreteness and the humor of the important time

you spent with us. Thank you for giving us the big picture as well as

the “insider view” of what children with special needs experience.

Be assured that this community will be better able

Krista, California

You give such a powerful message that so many more need to hear!

Your knowledge, tips and ideas are so up to date and PRACTICAL!

Thank you again for all you’ve done

Jessica, Atlanta, Georgia

Your creative, dynamic presentation clearly broke down steps
for improvement in my approach for “all” of our students.                                                            Thank you so much!

Kim, Louisiana

Thank you for validating and giving so much encouragement for

what we are trying to do.

Robert, Minnesota

Ellen – thank you for your affirmation and humor! Another thought,

from a long ago discussion – aren’t we as Catholic educators the

very people who should be affirming, accommodating and

celebrating our differences and our GIFTS?

Brian, Washington State



I have thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! Your ideas, message, and enthusiasm were very refreshing! You have provided AMAZING hand on ideas that are PRACTICAL! Thank you for taking the time to travel to Washington State to meet with us. I look
forward to your newsletters and updates.

Kathy, Savannah, Georgia



Your 5 keys to “know special education” are great reminders and tools that we can all use at St. Madeline’s, every day. Thank you so much for spending the day with us. My class is full of kids who will love the tools you have told us about! I loved your
connections to the Wizard of Oz. What a great way to look at the needs of children and how our classrooms can run better. Look forward to reading and rereading your book.

Mary, Pennsylvania



I am ashamed to admit that I came from a place of “No” until
I heard you speak and read your book and now I come from a place of “KNOW” and
the culture in my building is transforming. You are a blessing and every
Catholic school administrator and teacher needs to hear your message and read
your book. God bless you!


I bought your book for a few of my high school students to
read and we discuss it, weekly. I can’t tell you the difference in these
students now that they are filled with your message!
Thank you for everything – you have opened my eyes.
Thank you for sharing all of this great information with us.
You are truly a blessing to everyone that meets you – amazing insights!


I will have an opportunity to apply the lessons you taught
me today. I will do as you asked, and us your words  “As tools, not weapons.”  I hope I am an affective teacher for my “Ellen” this year. I am so awed by your accomplishments and sense of humor when addressing the issues.


Thank you, Ellen! I am inspired to take your strategies and
ideas from your presentation and your book and bring them to my faculty (not a
Vera among them) and put them into practice in our school.


Thank you for the eye-opening presentation where you brought
situations to life. I wish all my teachers could hear you speak. You are what
Catholic education really needs.
Your book has become my “go to” for everything!


I learned so many strategies for my teachers to use during
your presentation. Finally, a presentation that tells you what needs to be done
and HOW to do it (with items from the dollar store!) The Forget-me knots, the
Frame of reference, and the Button clap – will be used in my school because of
I so enjoyed your presentation! Given with humor and memory
statements, I have learned so much today that I can actually use within my
building. I plan to deliver many “ski ball tickets” this year and only those
who have heard you speak or read your book – know what these are. Thank you!


Several copies of your book are in our school library and
they are ALWAYS checked out! I need to buy my own. Your presentation has opened
my eyes to what needs to be done in my school. You have inspired us to begin a
journey that will help many students.

Carla, Puerto Rico


You tell us what to do without talking down to us. You tell
us how to do it on a shoe-string budget. You tell us why to do it through your
stories, research and 5 keys which are inspirational, humorous and life
changing. Everyone in the room was completely engaged – all technology was
dormant – which is a credit to you and your style of presentation, which is the
best I have attended in my 27 year career.

Joe, Kentucky



“Dr. Wedemeyer’s presentation gave me powerful insight into how some brains are wired and why “regular” instruction often does not work. Amazing! I have been in Catholic education since 1970 – I am 58 years old and I never knew some of the basic ideas Dr. Wedemeyer presented.”

Fr. Robert, Madison Lake Minnesota



“The ADHD Sports Metaphors created by Dr. Wedemeyer have helped my students and my own son, Charlie.”

Millie, Music Teacher St. Joseph Catholic School, Wichita Kansas

“The whole idea of customer service has been part of our strategic planning and professional development for the last three years.  We have purchased reports and treatises on the subject. No other professional resource has been as creative as the Wizard of Oz Relationship Approach by Dr. Ellen Wedemeyer.”

Sr. Alice, Ewing New Jersey


“I have attended two of Dr. Wedemeyer’s sessions and both were fantastic!”

Dana, Learning Center Director, Las Vegas Nevada


“Dr. Wedemeyer has an extensive understanding of developmental disabilities like autism, learning disabilities and ADHD.  She combines her training in psychology with her background in business administration to find creative solutions that are cost effective and yield valid results.”

W. Ross, MD Director, Department of Developmental Medicine and Genetics

Albert Einstein Medical Center

“Dr. Wedemeyer and her open communication style provide me with easy-to-use strategies and allow me the opportunity to educate myself and my faculty so we are truly teaching all students just as Jesus did. Dr. Wedemeyer’s charts, drawings, and anecdotes are easy to understand and implement in the challenging classroom environments of today, where we all know one size does not fit all.”

Joseph W. Leppert, Principal St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic School, Romeoville Illinois

“Dr. Wedemeyer is a most engaging speaker and presenter. She brings to her audiences a wealth of knowledge, presented in a highly creative manner with an empathic spirit and a delightful sense of humor. Her interactive mode of presentation is sure to capture the attention of all present. Participants will come away with a heightened awareness of what it means to be a learner with special needs as well as what it takes to work with those who have such needs. In fact, much of what she presents is highly transferable to effective education in general. Dr. Wedemeyer’s spirit and energy flowed effusively throughout the short time allotted. Her experience gave evidence in the information and examples she had to share with us.”

Barbara, Columbus Ohio

“Dr. Wedemeyer’s presentation was very informative and I am anxious to put many of her ideas into practice.”

Mary, Resource Teacher at Assumption School, San Leandro California

“Having been one of those kids as a child/teen, I am so grateful for the insights of Dr. Wedemeyer. Her methodology and delivery are superb. I am responsible for religion curriculum concern/development in both our Catholic schools and in our parish schools of religion, and we are working hard on developing a diocesan-wide plan for better serving our special needs students. The insights of Dr. Wedemeyer will be of great help.”

Judi, Consultant Office of Religious Education and Catechesis, Columbus Ohio